What is interior styling for your home?

Interior stylists plan and prepare building interiors for effective use with particular emphasis on furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. They work directly with the person who will live in the space to identify and accommodate that individual’s taste.

Interior stylists do a very small subset of the work carried out by an interior designer. Interior designers (often called interior architects) will consider spatial planning, material specifications, environmental factors and ergonomics etc. Interior stylists come in later and work on existing spaces, our talents lie in making a space work practically and look beautiful. We have an eye for detail and a wealth of knowledge on colour, pattern, trends and suppliers, and we have a knack for knowing how to put things together to create a look you'll love. 

See my blog article for more on what Interior Styling involves

Are certain brands recommended over others?

No, the products I recommend for you will be completely down to what I think is most suitable for you given your taste and budget. I am not incentivised by any stores. I recommend products from boutique shops to IKEA and supermarkets. I also have numerous small and local businesses on my list of around 80 suppliers that I trawl and select products from. 

Can you advise on any room in the house?

Yes definitely, even bathrooms... and I have a particular interest in childrens' rooms. Please note than when advising on kitchens; kitchen cabinetry, worktops and appliances are out of scope. Also please note that a very large room like an extension will be charged as 2 rooms but you will be advised of this at the start. 

When do I pay you?

I take a 50% deposit before your home or telephone consultation. The balance can be paid by yourself upon satisfactory completion of all work agreed to be undertaken. 

Do you only advise on your particular style?

Not at all. Obviously I have my own tastes... but when advising on your home it will be your style that we'll figure out... your likes and dislikes. I keep myself up-to-date on all the latest interiors trends (it's a hard life), and take my inspiration from Instagram, Pinterst and interiors magazines, ensuring I've got a variety of styles covered. 

How far are you willing to travel?

Approximately 30 mins drive away from my home in Carshalton but just get in touch as I may have reason to be out your way.