What is Interior Styling?

Typically an interior styling service fills the gap between doing it yourself and hiring an expensive interior designer. It provides you with the clear direction and confidence you need to transform your room into a space that you love and that meets your practical needs at the same time. 

Who does it appeal to?

My services appeal to those who want their homes to look great but need a bit of help getting there. These are some of the things I typically hear from my clients:

  • I don't like the room anymore but I wouldn't know where to begin with changing it
  • I don't know what my style is and need help and direction
  • Our extension is complete but filling it seems like a mountain to climb
  • I struggle to make decisions and don't want to waste money on the wrong purchases
  • I don't have the money to change all the furniture but I want to update and freshen the look
  • My daughter has outgrown her room, but I want any changes I make to last
  • I don't have time to spend hours thinking about it and shopping around, I just want it done

How does it differ from interior design?

An interior designer will be employed by you at the beginning of a project, if necessary advising on the interior architecture and spatial design of the project. They would usually present you with detailed floorplans and elevations, a sample board showing the exact finishes of the products that they recommend, from flooring to fabrics and accessories. The project would usually involve working with a decorator and an electrician that you hire. They will oversee the project right through to the final finishing touches, purchasing all goods and furnishings and organising deliveries etc. They will usually charge an hourly rate for their design time plus a fee on each item purchased on your behalf. 

As your interior stylist, I will spend time listening to you and what you want from a room, then provide you with the inspiration and solutions that you need within a short turnaround time (roughly one week) so that you can transform the space yourself with confidence and at your own pace. I will focus on the interior decoration, furniture and accessories, and any changes that are more structural are out of scope. We can take into account any existing colours or furniture that have to be worked around, and focus on certain areas more than others. I will also give you advice on the layout of the room and how to make the best of existing features. Your personal belongings are important and tell the story of who you are, and I can advise you on how to make the best of displaying them too.