How to Make a Tissue Tassel Garland

This was so super easy to make. I like it because it brings a bit of fun, and some lovely colour and texture to the gallery wall in my daughter’s room. And I made it! I think it’s nice to teach her to value creativity and all things homemade.

Once it’s made you can move it around the house for celebrations and parties as well. Happy crafting!

What You Need

  • Sheets of tissue paper in various colours. I bought this pack of assorted colours from Hobbycraft and it was brilliant, plenty of colours in there to choose from. The sheets were 50x65cm which I think is standard. Each sheet will make 2 tassels, and you might want to make around 12 tassels.
  • String or twine
  • Glue (craft glue, super glue or a glue gun)
  • Scissors

Steps to Make your Garland

Step 1: Take a sheet of tissue paper and fold it in half. Fold it in half again the other way. You should now have a small rectangle.

Step 2: On the long edge of the rectangle, start to cut strips in your tissue paper, leaving a good inch at the top along the folded edge. Strips of about 1cm in diameter is good. I found it easier to start cutting on the left hand side as shown in the picture below, as I found the tissue paper layers slipped around less.

Step 3: When you’ve cut strips right to the end, open out your tissue paper. Cut it in half and this will give you two tassels.

Step 4: You should have a section in the middle of about two inches wide which is uncut, and strips on each side. Make sure all your strips on each side are lying flat, then begin to roll the middle, keeping it reasonably thin and tight. As you roll the strips will become a bit tangled so just carefully unravel them.

Step 5: Once the tassel is rolled right to the end, gently twist and bend the middle section, creating a loop. Apply a dot of glue to secure the loop.

Step 6: Continue creating your tassels and thread them on to your chosen string, twine or ribbon, until you have the look you want to achieve.